Mario's Adventure

By: Chelsea Irizarry

This is a Mario fan game.

Originally I proposed to create an HTML game on the basis of erasure of minority groups. I was unable to stick to the story due to time constraints. I used pre-made backgrounds and sprites to code the game instead. I created a simple Mario game with 3 levels (screens) and a hidden underground level. I believe creating this mario game was better than the original theme idea since it is familiar to the audience. I also attempted to implement the killer turtle character and the collectable coins to game. They were not as successful as getting the mario character to move around the screen and navigate between levels. The issue I ran into with the collectable coins is that instead of removing the coin from the screen, the program insisted on removing the Mario character. As for the turtle characted I was unable to simultaneously allow for two actions to jump on the turtle or the turtle kills you. Some of these bugs are not currently visable since I commented them out. Also, I was able to include a restart button to continue with the game after a death or a win.

Throughout this process, I had to investigatr how to write code in Javascript. I have had no experience with Javascript which I knew. I also knew it could be difficult to learn due to my workload. Learning Javascript prove to be difficult due to its endless possibilities. I decided that I would stick to this project because I have coded games before and found them to be a lot of fun. I believe that games can be a great form of communication for various topics. When I started coding I had no idea what to do, I began writing nonsense atempting to develop the ideal screen, although it failed to produce. I then did some digging and found W3School which had a sample game of flappy bird. I was able to load this open source file and use it as a base of my game. This lovely website also described how to actually use different aspects of the code.

To begin, I set up my requirements. I wanted the screen to be scrolling over the background image, killable turtles, and collectable coins. Along, with the basics of moving between levels. While determing the navigation and developing the levels, I was able to also determine how to create "tiles" in the game. Although I was still unable to accomplish a majority of these requirements.

As a result of technical difficulties I did not keep to my proposed schedule. I did work through the Code Academy tutorial as I indicated in my proposal. From here, I struggled to focus on this game due to a heavy work load in my software engineering course. I then found out about the Stencyl applicaiton that aids with game creation. I decided to switch to this method due to review. I ended up having to leave the application due to complications with collisions as well. After that, I struggled to get code working until Monday of Finals week. From here I was able to create The Game of Life" for Electronic Literature. With both games there was bug with the collisions. From indecisiveness to lack of working code, I did not stick to my schedule, in fact I continually changed my game plan to reflect the potention how working code. I believe changing ideas may have harmed the progress of the game since I would continually have to start over. I even skipped the section in which I would create my own sprite to save time.

All in all, I had a great time working on this assignment. Once I started to figure out how to change different aspects of the pre-existing game, I couldn't stop coding. Although, I fell behind in my schedule I believe I accomplished a lot more that I thought I would have. I solved a lot of issues along the way and plan to finish the game in the near future. This would allow me to master Javascript as well. I know the project is not nearly as complete as I wanted, I think that it was a lot to learn and implement with time given. I also glad I switched to the classic Mario background that way some users may enjoy the throwback.